Our Community Counseling (OCC), LLC is committed to inspiring hope and making value contributions to the overall emotional health and well‐being of the children, adults and families we serve by providing quality care to each of our clients through integrated clinical practice, education and empowerment.


We seek to provide our valued village members with high quality, cost‐effective health and wellness services. Our Community Counseling, LLC combines mental health services, therapeutic counseling, mentoring, spirituality and evidenced-based practice to provide holistic care to each of our clients. At Our Community Counseling, LLC we believe “It takes a village!”

Shamar Young


Shamar Young is the founder of Our Community Counseling, LLC. As a native of Bridgeport, Connecticut, Shamar is very familiar with the needs of urban youth populations and was confronted as a teen with life’s decisions and consequences. In life, you will not always make the right choices but you can learn to make better choices. Deeply invested in the well-being of youth, Shamar has served as a mentor for many years and volunteers his time and energy with various community organizations.

After a thriving career in sales management, Shamar decided it was time for a career change and pursued formal education in social work. He holds a Bachelor’s of Social Work (BSW) from Southern Connecticut State University and a Masters in Social Work (MSW) from Fordham University in New York. Shamar is deeply invested in addressing the social-emotional needs of youth, teens and families in an effort to equip his clients with the tools they need to successfully navigate life and conquer every obstacle. For the past five years, Shamar has been a highly sought after counselor for youth populations and prides himself on going the extra mile to ensure his clients are succeeding and doing well. He has worked with people, who suffered from depression, anxiety, substance abuse, legal problems, ADHD behavioral issues, family conflict and poor anger management skills.